About Collage

Designated spaces include: Art Studios, Dance Studio, Photography / Graphic Arts, Recording Studio, Wood Shop, Flex Theatre, Banquet Hall / Audience, Meeting Rooms, Raised Stage, Kitchen, Roastery. Click image for larger view.

AT THE START OF 2020 Collage acquired the old Antiques Mall building on Larson St, nearby the High St Fairgrounds.

This answer to prayer is a massive step to bring the vision and service of Collage to Jackson’s local artists, artisans, servant-hearts, and community overall. As we excitedly plan blueprints to ultimately best utilize the space for assorted purposes, creativity and community is already being facilitated throughout the space.

In early March we had the pleasure of hosting a production by the local Hearth & Mantel Theatre, “Big Mama’s Kitchen”. Their team constructed a temporary theatre and reception area on one end of the currently wide open space, to provide several lovely evenings of a show followed by a locally catered treat of southern comfort foods accompanied by Northshore Specialty Coffee.

Despite the novel obstacles of the rest of this year so far the vision has moved forward as artists and friends have set up workspaces such as Drew Dempsey (photography/graphic design), Trailand Eltzroth (music), Billy Salinas (woodworking/visual artist), and Kinetic Etchings under Kat Wilson (dance).

We are working on cleaning up and clearly marking the exterior of the building as ours – including signage that will be visible from I-55. We’ll need to continue with some landscaping/tidying up outside and to replace the awnings.

Moving indoors, we are so thrilled with the possibilities the latest blueprint iterations showcase! This will truly be a place to support a variety of creatives in their missions to serve individuals and communities.

Follow along with our updates to learn more about our Gatekeepers, Collective, and Guests and the work being done to and in the building. We will also be clearly sharing our needs to keep bringing this project to life so that anyone who would like to support us can pray for us and give with specificity. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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