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Future Kitchen Layout

About This Project

Meet Guillermo

Guillermo’s passion for this project arose from a longtime love of baking and a heart for his community. He has seen a need for such a workspace in his own career, in addition to the many local artisans and organizations that will benefit. With a background in pastries and years of experience managing people in a variety of restaurant settings, he looks forward to being able to steward a much needed space for entrepreneurs and artists. 

Prep Kitchen Plans

Here are just a few of the many opportunities for this space:

Teaching – Local chefs and nutritionists will use the kitchen for in person education as well as virtual instruction

Small Business Development – Collage has partnered with local cafes to provide Guillermo with a storefront for his pastries, as well as catering opportunities which require a permanent kitchen space.

Local Artisans – The space will provide a resource for a variety of chefs and bakers to work on temporary and seasonal projects, as well as providing a consistent kitchen for local artisans.

Equipment Needed

  • Reach in Cooler – $3391
  • Reach in Freezer – $6,355
  • Double Decker Convection Oven – $7,590
  • Deep Fryer – $906
  • Range and Griddle – $6,610
  • Exhaust Hood – $1500 
  • Stainless steel table – $1,322
  • Mixer – $2,485
  • Steam table – $1,455
  • Stainless steel tables – $1900
  • Hand Sink – $168
  • Equipment shelves – $50
  • Three Compartment sink – $2840
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