Two CDs available - "i wanna dance" and "The Visitation"


"i wanna dance" ...just Doug at his piano, which is the setting most familiar to his audience... This intimate recording was inspired though Doug's relationships with the "Christian dance community" and will resonate with all those who desire to live a life of creativity and worship of the Creator - and isn't that all of us?

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i wanna dance

you could say i choreographed randy's thoughts to the rhythm of a conversation of dancers i over heard at lunch - then added a melody


God's dancing place

the first song i wrote about cindy


dancing alone

in honor of the Savior who skipped lunch to talk to a lady who then talked to her village who then agreed with what the angels said on the night He was born


today forevermore

gloria asked me to give her a new song as a present for her last birthday - i can still see cindy dancing with gloria in her wheelchair during worship - i can still see God dancing over them


make again a child

because i wish i still remembered how to dance



He speaks to crippled feet and they dance - talks to dead feet and they dance lively - whispers to children and they understand Him


inspire me

i pray this prayer so often - i can still see christian dance fellowship of australia dancing to these words


come to the centre

i once took a trip to alice springs and heard God speaking these words


class is over

a ballet once told me that most of the children got on the train - only a few were allowed to walk through the gate that led to a longer life



A collection of 14 songs that speak of the coming of God to earth. The songs are powerful yet fragile, majestic yet tender and delicate, trying to capture and represent our Creator in the form of a baby.

 Click here to listen and read the lyrics to "Judah's Great Lion Now Lamb" and "Here is the One" - two of the favorites from this CD.


Purchase "The Visitation" - $10.00 - no shipping charges