Douglas  艾羅德    

...a songwriter, artist, storyteller and teacher, known internationally as designer and leader of Christians assembled together: worship gatherings, retreats, concerts, conferences. His music is recorded by artists from various nations and sung weekly by the church at large. Truth is communicated in a profound, yet touchable manner and there are few who can present Jesus with such simple yet complex understanding.

In addition to directing Collage, Doug is Artist in Residence at Belhaven College - Doug and his wife, Cynthia A. Newland, and their three children minister internationally with a number of different settings and in partnership with various ministries.







Cynthia   劉詩雅

...the Chair of Dance at Belhaven College and creator and director of New Trails Dance Theatre, the dance company of Collage. She has earned both her BFA and MFA in modern dance with emphasis on choreography and performance, and now ministers through this art form in Jackson MS, throughout the United States and abroad.


Cynthia is a dancer. Her performances interpret and express both truth and fiction, and range from the serious to the humorous, reaching from the physical to the spiritual.


Cynthia is a teacher. At the core of her teaching is the commitment to pass on an awareness, acceptance and appreciation of dance in the Christian community. She seeks to heal the misconceptions and the misuse of this form of expression. She works with children and adults from those not yet introduced to dance to those who are pursuing dance as a profession, helping all of them learn about worship through the movement of their bodies.

Cynthia is a choreographer. In addition to personally performing her original dances, she designs movement for others. Her dances can be found on the individual artist, on dance ensembles and even entire congregations in their corporate worship. From her individual expression during worship, to her portrayal of characters, to revealing of an emotion, to creating processionals and celebrations for holidays and festivals, to full theatrical productions like "Women of the Bible" and "A Season Visited," Cynthia's dance is being seen---for the glory of God and for the building of His Kingdom.

She often travels internationally where her performances serve as a communication of the gospel in cultures where the spoken language is different than her own. As a teacher, choreographer, and performer, (in addition to her position at Belhaven College) Cynthia is able to offer her gifts for different occasions such as concerts, retreats, workshops and other special events.